Plastic-free tips

Ten Actionable Steps to Reduce Plastic

REFUSE SINGLE USE: Resist the urge to buy water & other beverages in plastic bottles. Avoid to-go food containers and plastic utensils. Bring your own when you can.
BRING YOUR OWN: Coffee cup, water bottle, produce bags, grocery bags, to-go containers, & utensils.
CHOOSE products with little or NO plastic packaging.
BUY LOCAL: Whenever you can, buy local. This way less fossil fuel is used for shipping and it is more likely that you can avoid plastic packaging.
ENCOURAGE corporations, manufacturers, & retail stores to offer MORE products without plastic packaging.
HOLD PLASTIC-FREE EVENTS: (kids’ sports, church functions, company picnics, weddings, & parties). Bring a cooler with water to use as a refill station instead of offering individual cups & containers. Ask your guests to bring their own eating kit.
MAKE ZERO WASTE SWAPS IN THE KITCHEN & BATH: Shampoo bars, dish washing blocks, lotion bars, bamboo toothbrushes, repurposed rags and personal care items with glass or aluminum containers are better for the the earth and the ocean.
CHOOSE reef-friendly sunscreen, especially if you can find one without plastic packaging.
WRITE A LETTER OR START A PETITION: If you see something you want changed, write a letter to a corporation, or your congressman.
ORGANIZE OR PARTICIPATE IN A BEACH CLEANUP: However, please remember, if the tub was overflowing, you would turn off the tap, before grabbing a mop. Beach Cleanups are necessary and a fun way to connect with fellow believers, but the ultimate solution is to turn of the tap of plastic production.