More Responsible Living uses art to inspire action. Marine debris art can take months to create. The process may be simple, but it is time consuming. First, we must clean beaches to collect the debris that we use in our art projects. This can take days, weeks, or even months. Then we must clean the debris, sort it and process for use. Finally, we can design and assemble the pieces. Hundreds of hours can go into a single design (you can check out our videos on YouTube to see the process).

More Responsible Living has decided to create NFTs as a way to help fund our ocean plastic removal initiatives and our marine debris art projects. By purchasing an NFT you are not only helping remove plastic from our beaches but also educate others about the issue of marine debris and ocean plastic. Each NFT represents your commitment to plastic-free seas, and supports our mission to remove plastic from the ocean and educate communities about reducing plastic consumption.

More Responsible Living artists also bring marine debris art projects into local schools to teach children about ocean stewardship and plastic reduction. To learn more about our efforts, please visit ABOUT US.

Road Map

  • Clean beaches | Make art | Bring Awareness & Inspire Action
  • Plant Trees | Grow organic vegetables | Support organizations that share our values
  • Express gratitude & Repeat

Your MRL NFT represents your commitment to the environment and also supports our mission here at MORE RESPONSIBLE LIVING. Organizations that we support include: Surfrider Kauai, One Tree Planted, and Kiss the Ground.

There are no crazy promotional contests or giveaways. NFT owners, may however be gifted free NFTs in the future.

Therefore your NFT represents plastic removed from the ocean, trees planted, and carbon returned to the soil.

About the artist(s)

We make art to inspire action, because education alone isnʻt enough. We believe that physical and emotional health is related to environmental health and by growing healthy organic foods, we can rebuild soil and remove carbon from the atmosphere in a much more efficient way than politics. Healthy food creates healthy people, and healthy people contribute to the economy. Healthy oceans are devoid of chemicals and plastic, and while removing plastic isnʻt enough, it is a start. Advocating for less waste helps all of us. Itʻs all connected and we am grateful for the opportunity to participate and share.