More Kauai Artists are Using Marine Debris as their Medium

This video shows an overview of the different art projects and programs using marine debris on Kauai.

Since Kauai Surfrider volunteers are now removing more than five tons of debris from the shoreline every month, it is no surprise that many artists are now using this debris as their medium. The artists believe that their creations can be used to spread awareness about the issue of ocean plastic. And the awareness is spreading, and catching the eye of the media, like in this recent article in Civil Beat.

In a recent interview, artist Monika Mira said, “I make art to inspire action, because education is not enough.” The kind of action that she is talking about is taking steps to reduce plastic consumption. More Responsible Living published a list of tips to do just that, but Mira suggests also working to stop larger sources of plastic than our own individual consumption. This means getting involved with local policy.

On Kauai, the local Surfrider Chapter is working with Zero Waste Kauai and the County Council, to pass a bill (2775) that would eliminate the use of polystyrenein restaurants. Many Kauai restaurants have already adopted the use of compostable take-out containers, but the bill would make it mandatory. This bill is a good step forward as our community works toward a more sustainable future.

In the meantime, with an endless supply of art materials, Kauai artist will continue to create some amazing pieces out of ocean plastic. If these creations don’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

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