About Us

Our Mission

More responsible living is dedicated to the protection of the ocean and coastline from plastic and other pollutants through environmental education and art. We aim to harness the power of art to inspire innovative solutions to plastic pollution and positively impact both consumer and corporate choices.

Our Values

Social & Environmental Responsibility

More Responsible Living understands that we are not perfect, but we strive to make more responsible choices. We recommend and choose businesses that make more responsible and more transparent choices. These choices can impact entire communities, bringing fair pricing, fair wages, more environmentally responsible manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Climate Change & Regenerative Agriculture

More Responsible Living recognizes that all things are connected. The health of our soil is related to the health of our plants, which is related to our health as humans. Healthy, organically farmed foods provide us with the nutrients we need for optimal health. The carbon (from fossil fuels, plastic production, and other human activities) that has been released into the atmosphere and absorbed by the ocean can be sequestered by the soil if regenerative practices are applied. More Responsible Living advocates for regenerative agricultural practices that can reverse climate change. We support businesses and farmers that grow and source organic, regeneratively farmed products.


More responsible living is passionate about helping you make better choices about what you put in your body. We urge you to become an advocate for your own health and take responsibility for your body by becoming educated about the types of foods that you eat and the medicines that you take. We aim to provide you with recipes, ideas, tips, and stories that inspire you to take better care of yourself and your family.

Mahalo to our partners and sponsors who make our work possible.